Take part in Macellan SuperApp with your brand to have a digital wallet special for you, manage the campaign and CRM module and increase customer satisfaction!


Macellan SuperApp
offers your brand
7 different products together

Have a Business Wallet
Digital Wallet

You will have a digital wallet for your business. In addition, you will benefit from the economic advantages of a digital wallet.

Campaign Module

With Macellan SuperApp, you can create and add your own campaigns with ready-made templates. Customers can benefit from your campaigns through Macellan SuperApp.

CRM Module

Unlike cash and card shopping, you have a panel where you can track expenditures and customer information in detail.

Digital Gift Card

Instead of a physical gift card, you can get rid of physical card costs by defining a gift balance to your customers through the application.

QR Menu

By using a single QR code in your business, you can present to your customers both your campaigns and your menu, which includes your products and prices.

Fast Order Soon!

Your customers can place their takeaway orders through the application. They can also easily spend through the application.

Scan & Go Soon!

With Scan & Go, your customers can perform barcode scanning and spending transactions themselves without the need for a cashier.


Macellan SuperApp is a platform where your customers can create a digital wallet specific to your business and spend with a QR code. Income from digital wallets goes directly into your account. Moreover, you will not pay license/maintenance fees or subscriptions for this service.

Have a Business Wallet
Have a Business Wallet
Income Increase

Money transferred by your customers to digital wallets is transferred directly to your account. With the money accumulated in your wallet, you can increase your turnover by 12% and increase your profits by up to 8%. You can also earn treasury income from your accumulated money.

Customer Loyalty

You can create your campaigns through Macellan SuperApp, send campaign notifications to your customers and earn your customers spending-based rewards. In this way, you can ensure customer loyalty, increase your business income and make it regular.

Customer/Product Information

How many people bought which product and how much? Which products were sold the most in which branch? Which customer group preferred which product more? You can get answers to all these questions with Macellan SuperApp. With this information, you can analyze your sales, determine your sales policies and organize branch-specific campaigns.

Corporate Cooperation

Through Macellan SuperApp, you have the opportunity to cooperate with other brands. You can take advantage of the common customer base. For example, X company employees will be given 15 TL extra points for loading 100 TL or more in their Y coffee wallet!